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100 Days, Day 15: Week 2 Reflections

I am very tired. I did a lot this past week, but at the cost of a fair amount of sleep and falling into some bad habits.

The Good

In the interest of giving myself credit, the two big things I did last week are set up a notes page and set up a hot-reloading dev server for threejs sketches, which I'm currently just running manually on days that I use it until I come up with a satisfying way to host "complete" sketches. Using the latter, I set up a draft of a jitsi meet to three.js "3D video chat".

I've learned a lot more about webpack, nginx, and started to learn a bit more about jitsi/webRTC, which is exciting. The Three setup is close to being a way for me to keep a daily "sketching" practice online and publicly available, which is good.

The Bad

A lot of this time was spent fully in hyperfocus. I didn't do a great job of keeping track of the work I was doing, particularly with webpack, and didn't take time to zoom out and think about why I'm doing things, priority order, so and so forth.

If, like I said last week, the point of this project is to become a more organized person, publicly, online, I'm not sure this past week was a success. I got bogged down in a lot of particulars, hyperfocused on problems, at the expense of that organization and sense of purpose I've been seeking.

I'm still putting off a lot of the migration I'd like to do - while I've started using TiddlyWiki, I haven't done any work on migrating old notes, bookmarks, etc. over. Same with the Three dev server - I ended up with a pretty good setup for work going forward, but lost track of my original goal of moving over and hosting all those old sketches.

More broadly, I'm having trouble goal-setting, missing the forest for the trees. I love to throw myself into the problem right in front of me, and that's certainly better than doing nothing, but why am I doing what I'm doing? Am I trying to build portfolio pieces to completion? Am I just trying to have fun? Am I trying to be more organized?

It's some combination of all of the above, but sometimes these goals are conflicting, and I haven't been taking a step back to ask myself how what I'm doing affects my short-term and long-term goals.

I think, in a running theme for me, the issue here is priority. I love to throw myself into new things, but I tend to put off dealing with the old. But part of what I'm hoping for out of this project is to dig into the old, excavate my archives, and build a home where new thoughts and old thoughts can easily be found and interact with each other. So to that end, here's some accounting and planning for next week.


  • Fixed existing TiddlyWiki structure
  • Started using TiddlyWiki
  • 1 blog post
  • Daily updates in TiddlyWiki
  • Set up webpack/Three.js sketch server
  • Built boilerplate of above, put on GitHub
  • Set up first pass of Jitsi > Three server

Goals For Next Week

  • More consistent project tracking, note-taking.
  • More thorough list of potential projects - some sort of project-tracking integration would be good for this.
  • Think through priority and specifics – more diagrams?

Near-Term Project Grab Bag

Crossing out old ones, new ones in italics.


  • Get to fully self-hosted
  • Fix TiddlyWiki saving, looks like an issue with URL prefixing
  • Work on website aesthetic
  • Add blog comments
  • Self-tracking
  • Solution for code sketches (embedded editor? another separate server?) (started this with Three server, but still interested in other options


  • Video chat > Three.js (what if this, but video chat?)
  • More work building out video chat server: select your own objects/modify their appearance, share that state across clients.
  • Mini-apps like hundred days tracker
  • Code sketches: sacred geometry, 10-dimensionalism, building the boat while I'm sailing it

Knowledge Management

  • Password protect TiddlyWiki lol
  • Get more familiar with TiddlyWiki
  • Tagging system
  • Start using TiddlyWiki instead of OneNote for daily note-taking
  • Start by migrating one thing - are.na is a good candidate