About this site

Hi! I'm Brent (link to my "serious" website). I'm an artist and programmer based in Brooklyn, New York. I'm not a big fan of social media, but I maintain an Instagram for professional purposes/shitposting, so feel free to DM me if you like something you see here or want to give me money.

This is part of a constellation of websites I maintain for in-progress projects, personal writing, and other stuff that doesn't quite fit into the "portfolio piece" category. It primarily hosts my blog, notes (using TiddlyWiki ), and smaller zines/code sketches I make intermittently.

It is in a perpetual state of being "under construction", I experiment with it a lot, and I would not count on URLs staying the same or content remaining up permanently. I do try to keep blog posts up unless I deeply regret them for some reason or other.

This website is hosted on Hetzner Cloud, and uses Ghost as a content management system. It doesn't collect any data whatsoever, nor do I plan for it to do so in the future, unless for some reason my blog becomes popular enough that it can pay my rent.