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Setting Up TiddlyWiki on a Remote Server with Systemd & Nginx

TiddlyWiki is a cool tool, but if you, like me, are insane interested in getting it set up on the cloud, it can be a bit of a hassle. Here's a quick set of instructions to get it to run automatically as a service on a Linux server - I used a Hetzner Ubuntu machine.

Install TiddlyWiki and create a server:

npm install -g tiddlywiki

tiddlywiki {server name} --init server

Create a systemctl file for Tiddlywiki, e.g. etc/systemd/system/tiddlywiki.service

Add the following for a barebones systemd service:

Description=TiddlyWiki Server
User={your user}
WorkingDirectory=/home/{your user}
ExecStart=tiddlywiki {your server} --listen


Run sudo systemctl start tiddlywiki to run the service with systemd, and sudo systemctl enable tiddlywiki to tell systemd to automatically run it on startup. If you're on a local machine, it should open at http://localhost:8080.

If you're on a cloud server like I was, you'll need to set up Nginx to route to your server. To add a route to your TiddlyWiki, in this example /notes, open up /etc/nginx/sites-available/{your-site} and add the following. Make sure you add the trailing slashes to both the location and the proxy pass URLs. Nginx may mess up your routing due to default settings otherwise - explanation here.

location /notes/ {

Run sudo systemctl restart nginx and you should be able to see it in the browser!

But, you'll probably run into some issues with saving: you'll need to navigate into the folder where your tiddlywiki is located and tell tiddlywiki to redirect requests to the correct path. Once you're in that folder, cd into the tiddlers folder:

cd tiddlers

And create a file called '$__config_tiddlyweb_host.tid' - note the quotation marks around the filename. At least on my server, it won't detect this tiddler unless you add the quotation marks.

Open that file, and add the following, making sure you update it to reflect the routes used in your Nginx .conf file:

title: $:/config/tiddlyweb/host


Run sudo systemctl restart tiddlywiki to restart the service, and you should be in business!


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