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June/July Update & Screenshot Dump

I have adopted a proper "blogger's cadence" at this point, wherein I am perpetually posting later than I intend to. This time it's actually for good reasons, though, instead of immense stress or personal tragedy!

My last update was at the beginning of May, and I took a couple of weeks slow to recover from moving, cat dying, "big performance", et cetera. Since the end of May, though, I've been going pretty much nonstop.

In the last two months, I:

  • Revived one of my favorite projects, Stay In Bed Simulator, for the Brooklyn Alt + Ctrl Showcase
  • Took an SFPC course on Networked Performance, resulting in a game/performance entitled Spirit Castles I built with my friend and studiomate August - this'll merit its own documentation page at some point, but the one-sentence pitch is "an asymmetric, hybrid online/in-person control game where you either play a God or try to please one".
  • Ran a three-day event for the culmination of Eyebeam's latest fellowship round, which involved building a pop-up gallery, running frankly an excessive amount of hybrid livestreams, and generally coordinating the event. This was my first time running an in-person event since the pandemic, and overall I'm pretty happy with how it went.

All of these happened within a week or two of one another, so I'm still pretty exhausted, but I'm trying to learn to roll with  my natural tendency to vacillate between the poles of being totally at rest and totally in motion.

I am now on vacation in Italy, after a lovely week in London with some old friends - headed to Berlin on the 5th, then back home on the 13th. I met a lot of my goals for the year over the past few months, so I'd like to use the fall to focus on:

1) Working more on my constellation of personal websites and wiki-fying myself - getting some blog posts up, updating my notes, etc.

2) 1 collaborative project and 1 personal project

3) My divestment from big tech, which has been backburnered for a while.

2023 Goal Progress

I've decided to remove previously accomplished goals from the list once I've met them, so hopefully this list is empty by December.

Completed/good progress: GREEN
In progress: YELLOW
Not started: RED

I am working on figuring out the best markdown template for stuff like this, so bear with me.

Goal Notes
Further reduce big tech dependencies - get rid of Gmail/gDrive, iPhone, etc. No progress this period.
Give at least one talk No progress this period.
Complete at least 2 big personal projects I'd say the Stay In Bed Simulator stuff counts, although I'd like to spend the fall working on something new.
Do at least one big collaborative project. Spirit Castles counts!
Apply to 10 grants/fellowships/etc. Fell off pace during this period, with no new applications since May, but I feel okay about it since I was extremely busy.
Show work in a public space, digital or physical Did so twice! Wonderville and Recess.
KEEP MOVING FORWARD Feel like it's happening!
(Stretch) find and kill god. I think I'm getting close.

Screenshot dump