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100 Days, Day 60: Month 2 Reflections

I have settled into something of a rhythm at this point. A whole lot of it is still just daily sketches, but at least I'm sharing them somewhere.

I think, as far as the goal of moving my archives over to this "new digital home", I am accepting defeat. I'd still like to, but it's just not my highest priority right now.

On the plus side, I am staying consistent, and I've been feeling more creatively inspired. It's been a really hectic month that lends itself to sketching rather than working on longterm projects, but a lot of ideas for bigger work that have been marinating in the background are starting to become clearer.

If the biggest point of a hundred days project is to stay consistent, even when you really, really don't feel like doing it, I'm succeeding on that front. Unfortunately those days have been a majority of the last 30.

I think there's something to working consistently in one environment, which is why I keep going back to Three - it's a lot easier to crank something reasonably good out in a hurry when you're not learning new software.

Still, I'd like to take the back 40 of this project to make some progress on bigger things. Hopefully, my life outside of this project will calm down a bit, and I'll be able to turn my hyperfocus towards my own work.

All told, though, I feel fine about what I've been doing. I've been meeting the core, nebulous goal that I set for myself - putting something on this website every day - and sticking to it even on days when everything feels like a chore. I still want to focus on finishing things, and I'm hoping I'll be able to in these last 40 days, but it's also possible that that may not exactly align with the structure I've set up for myself. Putting something on the website every day still implies some sort of finished product, something shareable, and sometimes larger projects don't work that day. For my next hundred days, I may instead just do a hundred days of working on One Project. We'll see!




  • Get image scraper working, play with generation from Stable Diffusion and StyleGAN3
  • Better text generation (options here)
  • Keep digging into the data & documenting: emphasize process over results for now, lots of ways the ultimate framing could play out

Jitsi Games


  • Just need to dive back in, the framework is there!
  • Some writeups & refactoring could be good

Other potentials:

  • Jupyter notebook storytelling
  • Thesis (i'm scared)